Saturday, 10 September 2011

#618 of Year 2 Lego 8679 Cars 2 Tokyo International Circuit

It's day six and wait, didn't I only have five of these Lego Cars 2 sets?  Well, I was at TRU the other day and I decided since I was enjoying the series so much, I might as well pick up the huge big limited set from TRU.  And here it is.  The Tokyo International Circuit.

The box is huge and it has the limited strip in yellow down the side.  What's more interesting is that there's and inset showing that Shu Todoroki and Pittie are exclusive to the set.

There's quite a lot of characters in the set too, but most of them are repeats of what I've already have.  Only the two pitties and Shu are new.

The box contains six baggies, two instructions books and a decal sheet.  And that's an even bigger decal sheet than anything I've opened previously this week!

Baggie number one builds Lightning...

Francesco and Shu.  The Lightning and Francesco are exactly the same as what I've opened earlier this week.

Baggie number 2 builds Guido...

Mater and Luigi.  Again, all three are the exact same as what I've opened earlier in the week, down the the choice for the light green bricks.  The only difference is that Mater has pans as her earmuffs and Guido's microphone has been transferred to Mater.

Baggie number 3 builds Shu's pit stop.

Baggie number 4 builds Francesco's pit stop.

Baggie number 5 builds Lightning's pit stop, which is the biggest as it has Guido's box above it.

Baggie number six builds the Pittie for Shu....

...and for Francesco... and the flag for Shu...

... and Lightning.  It also builds the Allinol in green...

... red and white...

... and the starting gate.  Overall, it's a huge set and it does build up rather nicely.  It could have used some baseplates with tracks though, but that would have driven up the price by quite a bit.

Shu is nice.  He reminds me of a Honda somehow.  There were two studs on the roof of the car, but I covered it up with two flat plates.

Shu's Pittie has four wheels, unlike Luigi.  Otherwise he's just a small little vehicle.

Francesco's Pittie is red, green and white and is similar to Shu's Pittie, but has a different hat and pans for earmuffs instead of pots.

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