Sunday, 4 September 2011

#610 - #612 of Year 2 Hotwheels MotU

I'm close to running out of toys for the rest of this year - this was only supposed to be Toy a Day for 2010, but I've gone on to do another 8 months after that and this is the start of the nineth month - and it's a themed month.  Speed September 2011 is the theme this month and I start off with this trio of MotU vehicles.

Yes, that's the MotU logo, not the millennium MotU or the MotUC logo, but honest to goodness MotU.  I think these may be based on the images that the brand manager for MotUC dug out from the Mattel archieves.  These aren't the first series of MotU related Hot Wheels vehicles though.

The card is nice, with the MotU logo front atop and He-Man and Battle Cat shown prominently.  The card is even more eyegrabbing than the usual Hot Wheels blue.  The back of the card shows the 8 vehicles that forms part of this series.  I only got 3 of them though, and all three are here.

The He-Man van (aka Custom '77 Dodge van) is just a van with the He-Man on Battle Cat image painted on both sides.  The van is shiny metallic yellow, but who cares about the van?  It's a He-Man product that's sold in the stores that's doesn't cost the monthly wages of some third world country.  I'm stoked.

The Orko truck, (or the '29 Ford Pickup) comes on the same card as the He-Man van.  Have I mentioned how awesome it is to see He-man on Battle Cat on a toy again?  OK, so it's not an action figure, but still...

The truck has a picture of Orko on both sides and the MotU logo on the top of the cab.  The vehicle is a weird magenta and cream, but the wheels and fender are shiny.  It's Orko on a truck.  What's there not to like?

I dunno, he doesn't fit in with the muscle cars of the millennium MotU Hot wheels though... Hmm...

The last one comes on a different card - it's Skeletor on Panthor!

These are probably the Earl Norem artwork, and they do look nice when they are placed facing each other.

The Slime Pit Cadillac (which Hot Wheels calls it the '59 Cadillac Funny Car!) resembles... Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters.  It's a green vehicle with orange stripes down its sides and a picture of Beastman being slimed on the hood and roof!  Yay, Slime Pit!

Overall, these are just a handful of vehicles.  They are solid Hot Wheels vehicles with some great MotU artwork on them.  And they are cheap, which makes them a good buy.

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