Monday, 12 September 2011

#619 of Year 2 Speed Racer Mach 5

It's Speed September and I'm going to start my Speed Racer run.  I'll start off with Speed Racer himself and his vehicle Mach 5.  These are the movie figures from Hot Wheels.  That's the latest incarnation of the franchise that started out as a Japanese anime in the 60s.

The box reminds me of the Battle Force 5 Hotwheels box in that it has both the logos on the front and the back.  The bubble is an arrow shape, perhaps to indicate speed.  At least it's not the boring old square.  The title card has two different sized font and also has an inset showing the action feature.  The back of the card shows the toy and the main transporter vehicle.

Apparently a poseable racer figure is a selling point here because there's even a sticker for it.  Also, the front of the cardback has a rather nice tunnel road scene.  I also like hte inclusion of the two main vehicles just next to the logo.

There are only five pieces for this toy - the main vehicle, the driver and three disks.  The figure has nine points of articulation and a two-piece helmet.  The sculpt looks great and I'm still surprised how ridiculously good Hot Wheels make their action figures.

The vehicle is just a plain vehicle with a "M" painted on the front.  There's no sloppiness here with the paint despite the tapering ends of the "M".  The hood of the vehicle folds out to reveal what I presume is the engine.  That is sculpted with a lot of detail, but besides that, it also contains the action feature.  The disks are loaded into the engine and when the button behind the driver is pressed, the disks are fired.  Cool.

The figure is slightly smaller than a regular Joe, so probably about 3-inches tall.  The vehicle is comparable with MASK Raven from the 80s and despite the almost 20 years age difference, the two vehicles with the similar action feature still plays rather well.

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