Monday, 3 October 2011

#641 of Year 2 MotUC Captain Glenn

And it's the start of MotUC week proper of Spooktober.  OK, Marlena, or Captain Glenn isn't a whole lot of scary, but it's OK - the month isn't about being scary, or is it?

I do have both versions of her, but I did promise Wade, who got Queen Marlena for me from SDCC, that I'd open her on video, so I'm only opening Captain Glenn today.


The card is the larger Orko card in terms of size, but really, it's just the normal MotUC blown up for that size.  I like how the figures are packed differently and how Marlena is packed holding a sword while Captain Glenn holds the rifle.

There's quite a lot going on in the packaging, but basically, the Captain Glen part consists of her with the spacesuit, Adora's pistol holder and postol, and another gun

The three piece helmet is removable, and is in metallic green with a rather weird logo on her front and back.

Without the helmet, she's just Teela in a jumpsuit?  It's weird though that they got her hair up in a bun just like Teela.  She does have her name printed on her boobs... wait her blouse (which is removable).

Remove her blouse and put on her gown.  It's almost like playing with Barbies.  Her head is swapped out for the Filmation version with her crown and voila, Queen Marlena.  She comes with a scepter that has design elements similar to Randor's and Prince Adam (from MYP), and she does look rather regal.  She's also equipped with Battleground Teela's sword, which is a bit weird.  However, the Randor that we have in the line so far seems a bit too different from this Filmation version of Marlena.

Randor definitely seems to be the odd out out in the family portrait, since all the other three family members are in their Filmation togs.  Even Cringer is a throwaway to Filmation.  There's only two points of artulation on the green cat -- at the tail and head, but otherwise, he does look good.

He's a lot smaller than Battle Cat though, and I think it might be a bit too small, but other than that and the lack of articulation, he's good.  All in all, this seems better than the Adam and Orko that we got last year from SDCC, and it's definitely good that two important characters from the Filmation line has now been translated to toys to fill in a gap in MotUC.

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