Thursday, 13 October 2011

#651 of Year 2 Battle Force 5 Water Slaughter

Well, the only other vehicle I saw at the department store that I did not have was the Water Slaughter.  That's correct, it's not part of the Battle Force 5, but it does belong to one of their villians - Sever of the Vandals.

The packaging is similar to the other vehicles, and has all sorts of visual goodies that scream buy me.  What is more interesting to me is that there is a picture of the Saber on the back of the card.

The toy consists of the vehicle, three disks and the figure, as well as a sheet (printed double sided) of instructions.  That has to be a first for the Battle Force 5 - usually the vehicles are idiot proof, but apparently the Water Slaughter might not be.

Sever looks great.  The figure is sculpted to resemble a shark with hands and feet and it looks even better than the cartoon.  There's still 5 points of articulation, but that's not going to be an issue when it's gonna be sitting in his/its vehicle.  To do that, the cockpit has to be removed completely and Sever is placed on his belly, with his head moved such that it's facing forwards in the vehicle, and then the cockpit can be replaced.

The jaw of the vehicle opens to reveal the pilot.  It's scary and nice and show accurate.  The vehicle itself is sleek and sharklike, but like the rest of the vehicle of the line, paint is minimal, which works in its favour.  The action feature involves placing the disks into the slot near the mouth and when the vehicle is rolled forwards, it fires the disks automatically.  That made me go wow.

From the cartoons I would have thought it'd be hard to make the Vandal vehicles fit into the line, yet this Vandal vehicle seem to do easily.  I do not have regrets getting this vehicle.  In fact, I'd say it's the better of the two when compared with Crawler.

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