Wednesday, 12 October 2011

#650 of Year 2 Battle Force 5 Crawler

So I was walking through Farmers the other day (that's a department store in Erehwon), and they had Hot Wheels on sale.  Blegh, not really my thing, really.  Then these caught my eye.  Wait, Battle Force 5?  I love them - and I do remember way back in August when I was opening them that I wish I got more of them.  Well, here's my chance.

The crawler is the huge green monster truck with huge wheels and is driven by a sassy dark-skinned lady.  What's there not to like about that?  The packaging is typical for BF5 and has all sorts of logos splashed on the front and the back.  I do like the comic panels on the back, and the way the other figures and vehicles of the line are shown there as well.

There isn't much when it's opened, just the figure, the vehicle and a detachable two piece missile launcher.  The figure, despite its size, and despite the fact that it's coming from the brand that is famous for die cast metal vehicles, looks relatively good.  The amount of articulation is limited to 80s level (that's 1980s, not numbering in the 80s, in case anyone is wondering), but the sculpt looks nice and the painting on it is superb (thanks probably to those die cast vehicles! - Now, why can't MotUC be made by the Hot Wheels team at Mattel?)

The vehilce is put together rather easily - just attach the launcer and the missile and voila!  The cockpit is not opened from the top, but rather from the bottom and that's show accurate as well.  The figure clips into the "seat" and can be raised up into the vehicle.  It's all good.  The wheels are mounted on "legs" which are articulated, which means the vehicle can be turned such that the wheels are above the cockpit - again, show accurate.  It's a good all around vehicle.  Now, if only they had made it look better and gave it a better shade of green than the odd neon lime.

The vehicle doesn't really fit into the rest of the line, but then again, that's the point of all 5 vehicles - they look disparate enough, and each one has a different function.  That's three out of 5 down, another 2 to go!

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