Thursday, 20 October 2011

#658 of Year 2 Revoltech Mike and Sulley

It's still Spooktober here on Toy a Day and I continue the month with a pair from Monsters Inc - Mike and Sulley.

The Revoltech Sci-Fi box is squarish and it's a bit underwhelming here.  Kaiyodo usually does so well with the boxes, but this one just looks bland.  The toys don't take up most of the front and the blank black background seems to have a larger presence than the toys itself.

The back of the box also seems bland, although it's better than the front.  It shows the action features, or rather the amount of articulation available, including all three eyeballs.

Opening up the flap shows the contents of the box.  There's probably a nice long story on the inside cover of the flap, which is a good thing as it does not overwhelm the exterior of the box with text.  There are also some scenes from the movie there.  Alas, it's in Japanese, and I have absolutely no idea what it says.

The window shows Sulley and Mike as well as the extra helmet, a scared face and a blue slug thing that obviously belongs to Sulley, but where?

I still think the Revoltech trays are a good idea.  That's always been a mainstay of Japanese toys.  There's also a leaflet of all the Kaiyodo products, again, another Japanese mainstay.

There's also a small folded leaflet of something that has a pirate ship.  I think it's a museum of sorts in Japan, but it's all in Japanese and I can't figure out where in Japan it's located in.  Anyways, there isn't a lot in the box together with Mike and Sulley.  The alternate head is the only spare it seems, where earlier figures in the line had extra hands and heads.

The blue slug thing is actually Sulley's tail and is connect to him via, you guessed it, the revoltech ball joint.  It has a full range of 360ยบ movement and is only hampered by the cavity in the body.  Thanks to the tail, Sulley is probably my first Revoltech figure that can stand up on his own for long term without any assistance.  The sculpted did a good job sculpting all the fur onto him, and he does have some rather nice paint from cyan to blue to purple.

Despite being a blob, Mike actually has five points of articulation - one at each limbs and his eyeball.  He suffers from a lack of elbow joints though and has that preposed stance.  Also, thanks to his stick-like legs and his bulbous body, he's top heavy and falls over easily.  I'm not pleased.  The helmet attaches to him via a hole that fits into his horm, but it's not friction fit, so it tends to drop off very easily as well.

Then there are the usual Revoltech Sci-Fi stuff - the nameplate, coin and orange box which I still can't figure out what it's for.

Overall, Sulley is great.  Mike though seems to be a bad afterthought.  I mean if they gave skinny Jack Skellington his matchstick limbs, surely they could give Mike some articulation as well?

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