Monday, 31 October 2011

#669 of Year 2 Beetlejuice Spinhead Beetlejuice

It's Halloween. And the start of a new week too. I christen this Beetlejuice week. And I open the week with Beetlejuice himself, of course.

The card is colourful despite containing just the colours white, black and green. That's probably due to the logo and the art on the front. The bubble is clear and allows everything to be visible. That's because there is no title card - the title is on the actual card itself.

The figure is sculpted and painted nicely. The flamboyant magenta suit gives it a lot of colour and really does make him pop. The yellow hair also helps in this regard. He has five points of articulation at the shoulders, hips and neck. He's proposed though, but despite that, he stands rather well.

The head can actually be removed to show a smaller head inside. Both heads work with the action feature. There's a wheel on his back when when turned, rotates the head. It's a boring action feature but it's better than none. This is a nice toy for that era, but it has me wishing that it'd get remade with today's technology...

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