Tuesday, 1 November 2011

#670 of Year 2 Beetlejuice Showtime Beetlejuice

Day 2 of Beetlejuice week, as we start the month of November.  No themed month this month, but it's the penultimate month that I'm doing this so yay!

The packaging is similar to yesterday's Beetlejuice.  I do have to point out that there are other characters besides Beetlejuice, but this, being a Kenner line at around the time of Batman means that there's a large number of the main character variant and there are no female characters.

Showtime comes with a snake accessory that has a Beetlejuice at the end.  Like all the other figures of the line, the big head on the figure can be removed to reveal the smaller head.  The action feature on the figure consists of a lever on his back which raises and lowers the smaller head (or the bigger head which is attached to the smaller head) from the body.

The action feature doesn't hinder the neck articulation of the big head, but the small head is pretty much fixed in place.  The limbs feature a point of articulation each.  The feet and arms are pre-posed, but it's a rather pleasant looking pose surprisingly without any balance issues.  And as that last picture shows, the big heads are swappable.  Yay.

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