Sunday, 6 November 2011

#675 of Year 2 Acroyear Exo Acrooptom

As I always say, good things comes in two.  Or at least that's my hope.  I picked up half of the team of Acroyear Exo and Acrooptom was the other figure besides Acrostera.

The packaging is busy, but that's typical of Japanese packaging.  It's similar to Acrostera's from yesterday including the details of the action feature and the combining features of the accessories.

The packaging is well thought out to show off all the contents, and yes, there's all the Japanese hallmarks - spare hands and catalogue leaflet inside.

Three pages of the fold out leaflet are dedicated to Acroyear Exo and it seems that they each have an elemental theme - earth, water, fire, earth.

The figure is more or less similar to Acrostera, except he's male and maroon here.  His paint is good but boring.  His joints are a bit loose as well.  He comes with a removable vacmetal helmet, with a vacmetal face inside.  It's more robotic than human though.  The octopus accessory is cute and has both gold and silver vacmetal parts.  He also sits on a roller so that he can be pushed along the ground.

There are two combined forms - split the octopus in half and place it on both shoulders mode which is boring, or the transform half the octopus into a giant gow and place it on his arm.  I like the latter a lot more than the former.

The figure stands slightly taller than Acrostera, but the octopus shoulder pads increases the overall height by quite a bit.  Both these would look great on any display shelf, but since I don't have any attachment to them, they are going back into the box.

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