Friday, 4 November 2011

#673 of Year 2 Beetlejuice Gross Out Meter

Yes, it's only Friday, but this is the last of the Beetlejuice week.  I have been trying for a year to get a couple more figures, but sadly I never could get any.

The gross out meter isn't really an action figure toy.  It's more a prop than anything else.  The box has the typical green black and white, but there's also that Beetlejuice pink as well.  The insets aren't square and the pictures are very attractive and interesting, but I guess that's the only thing that's interesting.

The toy is just a huge bony arm with a dial and a small chamber, and an orange one-piece bug.  The bug has very nice sculpting, but it's one piece.  It sits in the chamber and when a button is pressed, the door flies open and the bug flies out.  Supposedly.  It doesn't work on mine though because the engineering of the toy doesn't really allow it - the lever that's suppose to retract when the button is pressed is too long, so it never does releases the spring-loaded flick.  Ah well.

There are two more features - two rolling tumblers with adjectives on a colourful background, and the "thumb" of the skeletal hand which is articulated.  The latter can be used to latch on to someone's appendage and it will activate the tumblers which will settle on the two words.  Yawn.  Oh well, I'm sure this was great in its day, but I was totally bored with it.  Back into the box this goes!

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