Sunday, 27 November 2011

#696 of Year 2 Food Fighters BBQ Bomber

Another 80s line today, this time it's the Food Fighters.  I don't have any recollection of the line, but it's anthromophic food battling each other out with kitchen appliances and such.  Hmmm....

The box is a weird pastel green, and there's a nice illustration on the front.  The back has lots of text and it also shows the action features as well as two other vehicles in the line.


Inside the box there's a baggie, the vehicle base and a small sheet of decal.

The vehicle looks good with some paint details and quite a bit of sculpted details.  The baggie includes the food and the spatula.

Assembly isn't too difficult, but it took me a while as there was no instructions in the box - the back of the box was all there is.  Either the skewer or the spatula can be attached to the cannon thing in front, but that unbalances the whole vehicle.  The vehicle is a nice size and since I don't have any Food Fighter figures, I guess, an anthromophic cat with an angry ring could have to do...

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