Friday, 18 November 2011

#687 of Year 2 My Little Pony Rainbow Dash

I guess this is shaping out to be Toys for Girls week?  I've heard lots of talk from Bronies about how awesome the MLP line is, and I'm not really a fan of the whole pony thing, but I did get one of these to try out.

The packaging looks fun - a nice bubble to display the content.  Lots of pink and purple to attract attention.  The logo is splashed on the top and the title card is individualised.  The back though seems a bit boring... and there isn't any other figures of the line displayed there.

Besides Rainbow Dash, the pony, there's also a comb, a cart and his little friend, a little squirrel.  The squirrel is sculpted very nicely and is painted without any blemishes.  My only complaint?  It has no articulation.

The pony itself has one point of articulation.  The sculpt has the wings upright, which tends to get in the way of the head articulation.  The paintwork is tampographed onto the pony and looks absolutely fabulous (heh!).  Rainbow dash can pull the cart with one of her rear legs.  The squirrel thing can be plugged into the cart.

Overall, this is a bit underwhelming.  Sure, if I wan't to comb her hair or braid it I'll have lots of fun.  It also displays well thanks to the rainbow hair.  But as a toy?  It makes me wonder what one actually does with these.  I guess they aren't for me.

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