Monday, 28 November 2011

#697 of Year 2 Food Fighters Fry Chopper

As I said, good things always comes in twos, except that I'm not sure if these Food Fighter vehicles can be considered to be good.  They are a throwback to a time when any and all household items were converted into toys - Computer Warriors from Mattel also comes to mind - but does that make them good?

The Fry Chopper comes in a bigger box than the BBQ Bomber yesterday, but the elements are more or less the same with the weird green background on the packaging and the nice artwork on the front of the box.  The back of the box contains similar things, which means that it doubles as the assembly instructions as well.

The top of the box features a picture of a kid playing with the toy, something that is sadly missing from toy packaging these days.  Perhaps new laws require the disclaimer that "Child Not Included" be printed on the box if such a picture is shown.  The box contains a baggie, the main saucepan, a decal sheet and a warranty sheet.

The decal sheet is interesting as it is colourful.  It includes the decals for the included cans and at a cursory glance appears to be real canfood packaging.

Assemby isn't too difficult, but the vehicle does look rather naked without the stickers.  There is a button underneath the handle of the pan which when pressed rotates the spatula propellers.  The guns in front can be swivelled and the cans can be dropped when the red button on the rim of the saucepan is pressed.  Quite a lot going for this vehicle.

Well, two wacky vehicles from the 80s.  I doubt toys like these would even hit the radar of toy companies these days.

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