Monday, 7 November 2011

#676 of Year 2 Spiral Zone Razorback

I dug this figure out a while back and realised that wow, I do have another Spiral Zone figure.  There were also four fashions accessory packs next to him in my huge storage box.

The box looks nice - the Spiral Zone logo on the camoflage background.  The cutout shows the content of the box a lot better.  The back has a bio of sorts and details the bits and pieces of his armour.

This is a huge 8-inch figure, and he does come with a whole load of accessories including the red and black tiger-striped jump suit.

He can be kitted out from head to toe and armed to the teeth.  He is a razorback after all.  The paints on the head and arms are good.  I like the facesculpt - he resembles his cartoon version so much, a rarity for an 80s toy.

He's got a whole arsenel on his back, and yes, each of those weapons is removable.  There's even a pistol holder on his boot!

OK, back in the day I had disdain for the figures because they had cloth clothes (or maybe because they were expensive?).  My loss then.  This is a really great line of figures and Razorback just proves how awesome this line is.  Definitely display material on my shelf!

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