Friday, 11 November 2011

#680 of Year 2 Mario Bros Donkey Kong

It's day 4 of the Super Mario Brothers week, and today it's the huge ape which started the whole franchise, Donkey Kong himself!

Donkey Kong comes on the same cards as Mario, Luigi and Toad, but he's packaged in a rather odd way inside the bubble.  That's probably to make him fit inside the bubble, because otherwise, he'd have required a bigger card.

Donkey Kong has four points of articulation, which means he wins on that front.  His shoulders and hips are articulated.  Sadly, his head is not, which results in an upward looking gaze when he's standing upright.  He's also the first figure in the line that I have to have an accessory - his tie.  The sculpt has fur details on his limbs and back and the paint is excellent.  He'd be a good figure, if only he had more articulation.

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