Thursday, 3 November 2011

#672 of Year 2 Beetlejuice Phantom Flyer

Another day, another Beetlejuice toy for Beetlejuice week here on Toy a Day.  It's not another Beetlejuice figure today, but it's something that's a lot more awesome - a vehicle from the line.  That's right, it's the Phantom Flyer!

The box is all sorts of crazy but great.  The black white green colours of the theme plus the pink of the vehicle seems to give the box that weird look as if a colour blind person painted the box.  Nevertheless, it is catchy and does stand out.  The sides and back aren't too shabby either, with pictures and inserts to amp up the packaging.  The text is not intrusive and it's well done.

I do miss Kenner's cardboard packaging.  It seems so secure inside.

And there's the pledge that "We really do care!".  I wonder if that is still enforcable today by Hasbro.  The Action Toy Guide is Kenner's catalogue and it does feature some of the lines at about that time including Robocop and Police Academy.  No Star Wars then though.

There is some assembly - the gear for the front wheel has to be pushed into place.  It's also a feature though - by pressing the handlebars together, the wheel can be released.  Otherwise, it's just a vehicle with a huge carriage and fold-up wing.

And a skull with goggles on the front.  I like how the wing were made - upright, the vehicle turns into a chariot of sorts, and extended, the microlight jet looks streamline.

I was a bit worried that the preposed Beetlejuice figures will not be able to sit on the vehicle, but my fears were unfounded.  He fits well in the huge carriage - in fact there's even sufficient space to place a second figure back there.  Overall, this is a good vehicle for the line.  Kenner did great vehicles back then.  How I wish they are still around now.

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