Wednesday, 9 November 2011

#678 of Year 2 Super Mario Bros Luigi

It's day 2 of the Super Mario Brothers week, and we have the other brother today, Mr. Luigi!

Luigi comes on the exact same card as Mario, so instead of showing the card back here, I thought I'll just show what could be expected for the rest of the week.  Yes, there's Kong coming up this week.

Luigi is more or less similar to Mario in many ways.  The sculpt is great and looks like Luigi, the paint is great without any sloppiness, he only has  articulation on the shoulders.  I like how the pair of them look next to each other though.


  1. I didn't manage to get him. Well, now you know what's one thing on my Christmas list...

  2. How about a neat bootleg? Four dollars and free shipping too! As soon as we (once :P) get PayPal, that site will be the death of me!

  3. I think that's the wrong scale :(


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