Monday, 7 November 2011

#676 extra of Year 2 Extra Spiral Zone Accessories

Well, four accessory packs... and since they are accessories, they don't count towards the Toy a Day limit!

The Snapper Claws come on a rather nice Spiral Zone card, and the back fo the card shows the accessory on the back of Razorback - the rear view of course.  It's sorta humourous...

There's the instruction sheet inside, the backpack with the attached claws and the soft rubbery harness.

It fits nicely on Razorback too... well, that's because he's the only Black Widow figure that I have.  A point to note is that the backpack fits on the harness that originally came with Razorback as well.

The claws can be stored ont he backpack when they aren't being held by the Black widow.  The colour seems a bit off, but that could be because of age.  Besides the whole Barbie thing, the claws do have an action feature - they are spring-loaded and will snap shut when opened.  It's a nice little backpack.

The spin shot comes on a similar box, but the bubble is different.  The back of the card shows the back of the figure again, this time with a fully loaded backpack.

There are five missiles included here, together with the pentagon-ish backpack and the same rubbery harness as the claws.  The backpack stores all 5 missiles but only launches the top most missle when the centre button is pressed.

It hooks on nicely to any harness, but due to its size, it tends to cause the figure to be top heavy which causes it to fall over backwards.  It's a cool idea, and a great toy, but I'm not sure if it's a good display piece.

The good guys get... well, this Barbie fashion accessory...  It comes on a similar card, but has a unique bubble.  Unlike the other two, this one shows a generic figure in the profile on the back of the card.  The card though is in greyscale and not coloured.

I dunno.  This definitely looks a bit Barbie-esque to me.  Boots, cap, harness, canteen, pistol, shovel, jumpsuit and harness.  Undress him, dress him up.  Blegh.  Not something that I actually like.  This is the reason that I avoided the line when I was a kid.  It was too much like Barbie.

The last accessory is actually for the Zone Riders - it's a Zone Blaster and I think I actually remember this being used in the cartoon series.  The card is similar to what we've seen before, and the back has the backside of the figure wearing the backpack.

There's the Zone Rider coloured harness, complete with shoulder pads, the backpack with an attached gun, and the bomb thing.

The bomb isn't held in place on the backpack and consequently it drops easily when played with.  The backpack does launch the bomb rather far when the lever is pressed though.

I like the overall look of the harness as well.  The gun is a definite bonus, and the fact that it's connected to the backpack means that there's less chance of it getting lost.  Well, since my three Spiral Zone figures are on a permanent display, I guess I'll have to rotate some of these backpacks in and out occassionally...

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