Tuesday, 29 November 2011

#698 of Year 2 Playmobil 3997 Three Wise Men

I have always looked at Playmobil toys in wonder, but as a Lego fan, I really can't afford two expensive hobbies.  Still, when I saw this box on the shelves in the toystore, I knew I just have to have it.  Playmobil does a lot of religious themes - Noah's ark comes to mind, but the Nativity scene must be its most popular religious theme - I believe there are even Playmobil advent calendars!

The box has that Playmobil feel - a picture of the toy in front of an interesting painted background.  The back of the box shows the individual pieces in the box.

The top shows a number of Nativity scenes includin the manger scene which can be made when combined with another set.  Inside the box, there are three baggies, a camel and a whole booklet showing the other sets.

I like the camel  It's articulate at the hips and the necks giving it 5 points of articulation.

Assembly is easy, and since the pieces are swappable, the figures can be easily customised.  This set would definitely make a great addition to my Christmas decorations this year.

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