Wednesday, 2 November 2011

#671 of Year 2 Beetlejuice Shish Kebab Beetlejuice

It's day 3 of Beetlejuice week, and it's yet another Beetlejuice character.  Yay?

The packaging looks the same.  I do like the art on the front and the inset on the side, which differientiates the packaging of the different Beetlejuices.

And what a lot of accessories!  The skewers are moulded in a rubbery (duh!) grey plastic and is painted, very nicely at the ends.  The sculpt is magnificient, and despite the small size of some of these items, the detail is amazing.  Look at the teeth on the skull, for instance, or the folds of the bat's wings.

The action feature is that the skewers can "pierce" through Beetlejuice.  He actually does come with holes in his torso for this action feature to work.  This Beetlejuice has 5 points of articulation.  I don't like how his coat is broken with the tails connected to the thighs, but it is a nice design in that it's practical - it allows the figure to sit.

The pose is fixed thanks to the lack of elbow and knee joints, and this one I have an issue with somewhat as he seems rather weird standing there like that with his arms posed as if he's ready to play a piano.  The big head is removable, and there's a cyclop's eye underneath there.  The head also fits on the other Beetlejuice figures too.  Overall, I like the action feature and the bright colours, but I'm not too happy about the sculpt.


  1. I don't understand...why are the heads removable on all the figures? I understand the Magenta Suit figure, after all that was the scene in the movie where Beetlejuice had his head shrunken. But for the other figures it just doesn't make much sense. Is there any clue to this on the packaging?

  2. It's just an action feature so that the heads can be swapped around. At least that's what I'm guessing.


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