Friday, 25 November 2011

#693 and #694 of Year 2 MotUC Flipshot/Icarius

It's still Macho man week, and I continue with two Flipshots... or Icarius as Mattel has decided to name him due to some copyright issue.

Icarius comes on the standard MotUC card, so there's nothing there that we haven't seen before...

... except for the Galactic Protectors sticker on the front.  That's new.  That's also the NA He-Man logo, but with the Galactic Protectors text instead.  I also like how they used the vintage card art for the figure instead of the cartoon depiction of the figure.

Flipshot comes with a jetpack, a bracer, a set of missiles and an extra head.  Now, because I've got two of him, I can dressed him up to the nines!  The sculpt looks great and the wings really make him take up the space of two figures.  He definitely looks big.  There are two detachable missiles on his wings which can be fired by pushing them out of the slots - it's not spring powered and it doesn't fly far, but still, that's a nice action feature.  The sculpt of his shirt, pants and 60s boots is excellent and there's a ton of details there from the design elements on his shirt to the fins on his boots.  His visor has a transparent red window which is nice, but doesn't clip very tightly to the helmet which results in it falling out even during normal handling.

What I don't like is the fact that his boots seems glued to his lower legs, resulting in the loss of two points of articulation.

He compares well with his vintage version - and it seems most of the design elements is just lifted off the vintage figure and exagerrated.  The only thing that's vastly different?  His head - the vintage figure has a "flyboy" look with flowy hair.  The MotUC version has a military flattop.

Overall, it's still a nice figure and it feels big and expensive despite the fact that it costs the same as the other figures of the line.  Now, I got two, not to display him in both modes, but to make "Wind Raider Pilot" with an extra Palace Guard head.  Booyah.  Also, the jetpack makes a good jet sled too...

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