Saturday, 26 November 2011

#695 of Year 2 Space Strikers Master Phantom

I still remember watching Space Strikers.  It was one of those cartoons which I was really interested in, but could never remember when it is on.  I never knew there were toys for the series until I was picking at a clearance bin and saw this.  I guess I bought it just because.

The card is really discoloured, but it does reminds me of the standard of the time.  The artwork on the front isn't from the cartoon though.  The bubble is nice and boring and the title card has the name of the character nicely.  The back is busy and has a bio as well as what seems to be every toy in the line.

I was surprised that there was a pair of 3D glasses inside.  The old paper type.  The figure comes with a two piece flying platform, a missile launcher and a missile.

The figure has the usual  points of articulation and stands three inches tall.  The sculpt has quite a lot of details.  Unfortunately, it's hidden beneath the thick layer of paint, some of which goes "over the line".  The figure stands on his flying platform OK, but there isn't a peg to hold him in place, despite the fact that there is a hole in his foot.  The "canada arm" also seems a bit odd, but it does add three points of articulation.

This is a nice nineties toy despite the paintjob.  It was a pity that the cartoon tanked, and with it the entire toyline.


  1. I'm from the Netherlands en I'm searching for this figure. It's not listed on eBay. Any idea where I could buy this?

  2. Sorry, I can't help you. I got this figure more than 10 years ago...

    1. Ok, I will keep looking. Thanks anyway!


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