Wednesday, 30 November 2011

#699 of Year 2 Revoltech Jack Skellington

It's almost December, and I guess I should go into something a bit more festive... from the Nightmare before Christmas, Mr. Jack Skellington courtesy of Revoltech!

I like the box.  The black and red covers all that is true about the Nightmare Before Christmas movie.  There's a nice picture of Jack on the front and the back just shows off all of his many poses.  Text is kep to a minimum on the outside of the package, but there is a piee of tape running on the bottom of the packaging.

Of course, the front flap opens up to give the full story and scenes from the movie.  Nothing new there for Revoltech, but it's just a nice touch.  What's also nice is that most of what's in the box is visible when the flap is opened.

There's so much going on inside the box that I can't even manage to describe everything.  Wait, I'll have to...

There's Jack's pet dog... or ghost dog... or whatever it is, and there's also a snowman.  No articulation on either, but the sculpts are nice and the paint is good.

Then there's the usual nameplate, coil and box and a whole bunch of connectors and stands.  The extra connectors is something new here - I've not seen them in the other Revoltech boxes before.  There's also two extra heads and three hands.

There's a stand with a Christmas tree for Jack to stand which I thought was interesting.  There are no pegs to plug Jack into, but there's a hole for his feet and another hole in the wall which grips his feet rather tightly and allows him to stand.  Jack himself comes with a one-piece hat and beard, a bag and a small boxed gift tied with a ribbon. The sculpt on all three are excellent and the paintwork on them is also well done despite the presence of the intricate details on the gift.  There's nothing special about Jack himself though.

This Jack isn't really a repaint of the original Halloween Jack, but seems to be a completely new sculpt.  I think Kaiyodo really improved for this version of Jack.  Now, why can't we get more characters from Jack's "universe"?

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