Thursday, 1 December 2011

#700 of Year 2 Lego 7553 City Advent Calendar

It's a new month and like last year, I'll start the month with an advent calendar!  For a change I'm gonna be up to date and open a calender that's actually sold this year!

The box is nicely decorated, and the back shows the action feature of the box... which acts as the backdrop.  The front flap can be opened downwards to form the base, while the actual Advent calendar box forms the backdrop.  My only comment is that this means the box is upside down!

Door number 1 has a picture of a streetlamp.  It sounds boring, but the actual content isn't too bad.  It's a robber?  Wait, why is there a robber on an advent calender?  Oooh, is that white tube brick supposed to be a snowball?  Perhaps he's a mischievious little fellow!

This is just a minifig, it doesn't take rocket science to put him together.  I like the bandana that he wears though.

He seems a bit out of place in my Lego winter town, but perhaps if last year's calendar is any indication, he'll come with more goodies?

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