Tuesday, 13 December 2011

#712 of Year 2 Lego 8639 Cars 2 Big Bentley Bust Out

This is the second of the "next wave" of Lego Cars 2 sets, although I guess they are really just one wave, but separated into two shipments or something.  I know my store got them at different times.

The box is huge and it does show off the set on the front.  The back seems badly used though - sure the pictures of all the cards on the top is good, but the series of panels showing the action features is a bit too regularly arranged.

The box contains 5 baggies...

... two instruction books and a decal sheet.

Baggie number 1 builds Lightning...

...Axelrod and the Queen.  Lightning is his usual self.  Axel and the Queen are both unique to this set.

Baggie number 1 also builds the victory podium (or is that the royal podium?).

Baggie number 2 builds a barricade...

... a lamppost and Holley...

... Professor Z and Finn.

The lamppost and barricade is just filler.  Professor Z has been seen before with the boat.  The other 3 vehicles are variants of their previous versions.  Mater has guns and engines, Holley has wings and Finn is the normal version of the vehicle (we've seen the submarine version previously).  I think all of them look great.

Baggie number 3 builds the base of the tower.

Baggie number 4 extends the tower higher.

While Baggie number 5 completes the tower.

Overall, it looks great and it plays well.  The door at the base of the tower opens to allow the cars to drive into the tower.

There's a crane with a hook to lift up vehicles.  There's a switch at the top floor which launches a vehicle through the clockface.  OK, so I know I totally dislike the fascades, and this clocktower is a fascade, but it's a rather well designed fascade with great play qualities.  Overall, this set is many times better than the one with the jet!

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