Friday, 17 August 2012

#858 extra of Year 3 MotU Scareglow

So I manage to get a Scareglow for under $50.  A complte Scareglow!  And I'm not talking about the MotUC version!

He comes complete with cape and... drum roll please... a gitd staff.  It's not the green version of the staff.  Yay.  I still remember seeing him for the first and only time in a store.  They had him and Sorceress and a few other figs.  I was told I could only get one.  It was a difficult choice but I went with the Sorceress.  No regrets there, but I wish I could have got both at the same time.

OK, so he's not as great as his MotUC counterpart, but this was one of the figures that I've been looking for for ages.  The MotUC version is clearly based off him, but modified with extra articulation and more details, of course.  Now I'm one more figure closer to finishing my vintage collection!


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