Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#861 of Year 3 DCUC Rocket Red

I didn't even realised that we were getting Rocket Red this year, whoever he is.  He's part of the Club Infinite Earth though and as I told someone the other day - it's like magic that I get free toys every few months.  I do look forward to it next year.

The Rocket Red box is bigger than the usual CIE boxes, but despite that, the design is more or less the same.  It's boring from the front, bthe the back and the sides has a rather nice image of the Russki.

He's just a figure that's large.  He features shoulderpads and weird wrist gadgets.  His boot is nice.  The sculpt seems a bit pedestrian, but good and the paintwork on my version is also good overall.  But the figure just doesn't jump out at me, and since I've got no emotional attachment to him, I don't really care much for him.

According to Wikipedia, he's part of the JLE.  I think that's the time when the Blue and Gold was in the team.  I dunno.  I'm much too apathetic about the figure overall.

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