Saturday, 4 August 2012

#851 of Year 3 MotUC Slushhead

It's MotUC Slushhead today, but before I write about the toy opening, please take a look at the MotUC subscriptions currently being offered until 6th August 2012 by Mattel.  If you like the line, please consider buying one or one hundred or anything in between.  Thanks.

Slushhead is the second Space Mutant.  Wait, second?  Yeah, second.  After almost 4 years.  That's sad.  He comes on the standard card.  I believe his cardback image is actually the image from his New Adventures card.  That's just cool.

He has the Space Mutants sticker on the bubble, the same as Optikk before him.  On the side of the title card, there's a picture with his action feature - yes he has an action feature!  The helmet is supposedly waterproof and it can be filled with water via a plugged hole.  That's another nice touch that Mattel included in this figure.

The figure uses Whiplash parts and Flipshot parts, but he does have a whole lot of new pieces, included two arms with claws, one of those claws is articulated!  The figure looks nice, but because of the action feature, Mattel decided that the head should not have any articulation.  That's just sacrificing articulation for an action feature, something Mattel said it would not do... hmm... and they didn't even have to sacrifice that articulation, because the head can still be made to rotate with some jiggling.

The figure does look nice though - it has that Whiplash meets space look to him.  His style seems to clash with Optikk, but then again, any two MotU figures will probably clash as well.  I just hope we get a coherent whole to the Space Mutants so that they won't be so visually jarring as a group.

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