Wednesday, 8 August 2012

#855 & #856 of Year 3 MotUC Stinkor x2

Stinkor has a very special place in my MotU mythos.  That's because he was the first figure I picked up and got ever.  I knew about MotU way back then, of course, as my friends all had He-Man and stuff, but I could never afford them even way back then.  So the first time I saw him in the shops, I had to beg to be allowed to have a figure and was told that I could get only 1.  I have no idea why I picked him out of all the others, but the black and white and orange and blue just makes him stands out so much more I guess.  Oh and he also stands out because he stinks, and not in a bad way.

Fast forward almost 30 years later and he's being remade for the second time.  I knew I had to get at least two of him, just because.  The figure is packaged in the bubble well well and it does show off most of his accessories.  I still like the image on the cardback that is used on his shield.  I used to spend hours just staring at that image of Stinkor... well, because I had no other figures back then and life was easy.

There is even a starburst on his title card advertising that he smells!  MotUC Stinkor comes with quite a bit of parts - he has his shield, but also a gun and his MYP head with three parts to make him into his MYP figure.

Okay, so the two different versions of the figure does look similar side by side, but the different headsculpt, including the breathing mask does differentiate them slightly.  The vintage version is basically a repainted Stinkor with Mekaneck armour and a shield, just like his vintage version.  Nothing different there.

The MYP figure has his air tanks, a breathing mask and a lever on the armour to regulate the air to his breathing mask.  I thought the feature and the new head looks good.

He does look so much better than his statue from a decade ago though.  Oh and one thing - his forearms are reversed, but they aren't that noticable to me until they are pointed out, at which time they become annoying.  But I can live with them, so they have remained.

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