Monday, 6 August 2012

#853 of Year 3 MotUC The Mighty Spector

The MotUC 30th anniversary celebrations aren't actually that great.  Sure we got figures like Photog, but we also get figures like this one - the purple Deadpool aka the Mighty Spector.

Spector comes on the usual MotUC packaging.  I have no idea where the art in the back of the box is from.  It doesn't really look that great though, and it's blue instead of purple.

The starburst on the title card advertises that the figure is created by Scott Neitlich.  Yawn.  Neitlich... erm... Spector comes with a gun, an energy blade and a telescope thingie.

The figure looks good, but seems a bit too outlandish for MotUC.  Sure he's mostly reused parts with a new harness and a new head (oh and some new forearms with SEX printed on it).  Does he seem Sci-Fi?  Sure.  Does he have the fantasy elements?  Not really.  Does he fit in with the rest of the MotUC?  Well, he could have done with a pair of furry pants...  The plus side of the figure?  Add the UK Horde Prime head and a cape and it's just great to get the UK Horde Prime!


  1. His not a bad figure but just doesn't fit in with the Masters. I would still get one at the right price.

  2. It makes me wonder what is the right price for you jboy.


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