Thursday, 9 August 2012

#856a of Year 3 MotUC Snake Mountain Stands

Just a quick post today about the Snake Mountain stands.  Two years ago, Mattel made stands for MotUC and those stands had a Grayskull pattern.  It sold out in a few minutes.  So Mattel went back and made more and they have sort of been an evergreen product on Matty Collector.  Fans though, have been asking for stands for the other factions, so Mattel issued these Snake Mountain stands.

These stands, like the Grayskull stands before, only comes in the mailer box.  Inside the box, there are plastic baggies containing the stands and the connector pieces.

There are five stands in each pack, and five rock pieces, just like the Grayskull stands.  There are also 10 pegs and a peg removing piece.

Assembly is easy.  The stands look good individually too.  They can be sort of placed together, but they don't seem to be made for that much.  Also the surface of the stand isn't level, so it's a bit hard for the figures (some of whom have loose ankles) to stand on these stands.  Nevertheless, these stands are still fun to be used to display figures.

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