Thursday, 23 August 2012

#862 and #863 of Year 3 Hotwheels MotU Skeletor and Eternia

I was travelling in July (was that last month?) and I picked up a couple more MotU hotwheels at the airport.  So here they are - Eternia and Skeletor on Panthor.

I like how there are two different card for the front, although the back is more or less the same for all 8 vehicles.

Is that a milk truck with the Eternia on its side?  I dunno, but I like that picture on the red truck and the mostly white cab.  Eternia is just something I wish I had.

It goes well with the He-Man on Battlecat van here.

The Skeletor on Panthor truck seems a bit old fashioned, but who can resist a purple and light blue truck?  The back of it actually can be raised manually to tip out the contents - just like a real truck.  The paintwork on both vehicles are excellent, although I think they might have been printed on.  The sculpt, well, they are both vehicles...

OK, so I only got 4 out of the 8 vehicles, but then again, I'm not a hotwheel collector, so I don't feel too bad...

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