Sunday, 26 August 2012

#866 of Year 3 Lego 3183 Friends Stephanie's Cool Convertible

It's still purple and pink here as I continue on to Stephanie's Cool Convertible.  Wait, it's a convertible?  I wonder if it's as great as the Gallardo...

The box is all nice and flowery... and pink and purple.  There doesn't seem to be much furniture.  I hope the convertible is good.

There are three baggies, a decal sheet and an instruction booklet in the box.  No numbered baggies.  Hmm...

Stephanie is an easy build.  She comes with a pink basket that's way too cliche, and a portable phone and a dog.  The kerbside build with the lamppost, bench and spigot wasn't too challenging to build either, and it does look nice.

The convertible was an exciting build, and it looks great.  However, it's not a true convertible - there's no retractable roof.  Feh, that's a disappointment.  The use of decals is optional, and they don't add that much to the overall look either.

And for the acid test - can a minifig fit into the car and make it seem normal?  Surprisingly yes.  The reverse can't be said of the Friends minifigs though.

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