Tuesday, 7 August 2012

#854 of Year 3 MotUC Horde Prime

Did I mention Horde Prime yesterday?  Here he is!  He was originally supposed to be Horde Supreme, but Mattel finally got the Filmation and UK comic rights, so they could finally make him as Horde Prime.

There is nothing special about the packaging.  The Evil Horde sticker is on the bubble on the front.  The back shows quite a few Horde characters and a white question mark on a black background where the picture normally is.

Horde Prime comes with an arm attachment crossbow and his UK head.  The helmet covers the ghastly visage, which is basically a modified Hordak head painted red and black.  The figure reuses parts nicely - both the hands are removable to allow the crossbow to be plugged in.

There's all sorts of sculpt details on the figure from the mechanical arms and hands, to the winglets sprouting on the calves.

The helmet his huge and scary and covers his face nicely.  I think I prefer it this way since that modified Hordak head is ugly without the beigh colouring.  The figure is heavy, but not too top heavy despite the cape and the helmet.  The paintwork on my figure is good, and there is nothing noteworthy about it.

Horde Prime seems like a Hordak dressed up the nines.  Oh and that Horde Prime head - great on the Spector body!

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