Sunday, 25 December 2011

#724 of Year 2 Lego 10218 Modular Pet Shop

It's not Christmas everyday.  And I did reserve one of the best for this year's Christmas build!

The pet shop comes in a huge box and has all sorts of insets on the front besides the main picture.  The back has a lot more insets and shows the other sets in combination with the pet shop.  That is just awesome.

The set contains 17 baggies.  17!  That is a lot.  It also has 2 base plates in green... for a change from the usual dark grey.

I still like how the instruction books have backing boards now.  I wish they did this in every large set.  These instructions weren't folded or deformed.  Oh and there are two volumes, one for each of the building.

There are four baggies numbered 1.  It builds the basement and the ground first floor of the apartment block.  There's a nice garden area next to the stairs and the false floor to the basement has that nice stepladder built in.

The inside of the living room when completed is a bit bland.  Sure, there's a couch and a table with a pot of flowers and a telephone on a stand, but my favourite part is the water closet under the stairs.

The completed structure has a post box next to the door and a doorbell.  And there's good use of SNOT to invert a cupola for the bottom of the window structure.  The baggie also contains a female minifig... with a classic head.  I do miss those classic smileys.

There are four more baggies numbered 2.  And there's another classic minifig inside of them.  This one is a "neutral" minifig that's genderless.

The first part builds the next level up, the second floor of the apartment block.  I like the curving stairs.  I think Lego took the cheap route out by making this floor one that's under renovation and all that it's furnished inside is a minifig with a paintbrush, a paint tray thing and a pail of paint.  Epic fail on the inside.  The outside isn't too bad as there are flowerboxes outside the front and back windows and it continues the wrap around window up one more storey.

Baggie 2s continues with the third floor of the building, or what appears to be the attic.  It's rather boring inside with a couple of boxes, but there's a nice flower garden outside in the back.

Sadly, it doesn't continue the floor to ceiling windows or cap it off with a cupola dome.  But it does use some flower pieces as a rather interesting decor motif on the bar that runs across the building.

The remaining pieces of the four baggies builds the flat roof.  There's only the chimney there and no other detail.  There's not even a sunroof or a door to the floor below (with a ladder perhaps?)

There are 4 baggies numbered 3 (notice a pattern there?) and it builds the ground floor of the pet shop.  It's interesting that the word 'PETS' is spelled out in brickform above the shop.  There is even a nice lamppost outside the shop.

The inside of this is chok-a-brick with detail including two pens - one for a dog and one for a cat, a cash register, a parrot stand and a shelf with knick knacks.  I like how the cat's pen has a mousehole.

The back of the pet shop has a brush and pail and the rat coming out from his hole.  The front has cartons holding a red ball and some bones.

There are four baggies numbered 4.

The first part of the build is for the 1st floor of the building.  That floor has pink flowers growing out of the flowerboxes on the outside, and a kitchen, a fireplace and a chair and table inside.

It does give the building a very interesting look despite its simplicity.

The next part of the build is for the attic of the building.  It continues to use the light blue bricks, but is predominately black.  The roof has the 'layering' effect on the front that has been employed previously in other modular buildings.  The inside features a loft with a bed and lamp.

The final part of the pieces from the baggies numbered 4 builds the roof.  Again, it's simplistic, but at least this time there's a sunroof!

It completes the building and gives that black roof a very good old-style look.  The back of the building is boring, but then again, the back of the building is normally hidden away anyways.

Overall, the two buildings can be combined together.  They could also be recombined in a number of ways on their own or with the other buildings in the line.  It's definitely a nice set and adds greatly to my modular building display.

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