Sunday, 10 October 2010

What happens when bricks and a boardgame mate? Ninjago?

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A new Ninja theme?  It's actually some sort of weird game.  You can check out the rules which was recently posted on  It'll be available in 2011.


  1. Hey, neat! There's actually already some LEGO boardgames. I only know this because this weeks Zellers flyer has a GIANT ad on the back for "Ramses Pyramid: with build your own dice. lol

    Board game LEGO is a very cool idea! I wonder what Ninjago will be about though. LEGO Jenga? lol

  2. There has been Lego boardgames since the Adventurers era, but it hasn't been publicised. Now the new Games theme is getting a huge advertising boost though so who knows?

  3. Oh...interesting. It could be a good thing for LEGO. :)

  4. I can't find the post where we were talking about Mattel's cyber Monday...but they're selling the only Matty JLU set I missed out on! YEAH! :D


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