Friday, 15 October 2010

October 2010 Matty Release day.

Whaddaya know, it's another middle of the month and that means WSOD time.  Only MotUC is on sale today, and nothing else.  Wow, it's a slow month for Matty today what with only 2 MotUC figures.  One's a subscription figure, the other is a rerelease/reissue that was around for quite a bit of time, so hopefully things shouldn't be too crazy for those hoping to get these figures today.  As for me?  This is the first month this year that I'm gonna sit out on the WSOD experience.

Roboto is the subscription figure.  He returns to a remake of a vintage figure for the first time in months, but he is a subscription figure.  He's not really an army builder, but he may be someone's favourite so there might be some fans getting more than one copy, but probably not a lot.  One of the main reasons is that the shoulders are backwards apparently, and any fixes will be carried out by Mattel with the reissue/rerelease, so most fans are holding off until then.

Zodac is the reissue/rerelease figure at first glance... but actually, he's not.  He's the left over copies of the first run Zodac figure that was available last year, so there are probably less of him than usual for sale today.  Those who missed out on him will have a chance at the first release version of him, but there shouldn't be too many of collectors in this category.  He would probably sell out before Roboto though!

So there's this month's Matty Release Day, but I'm not going to make it a point to be on my computer at noon, so it doesn't really matter to me what happens.  I hope everyone who's going onto the site today, including my arch-nemesis Lemonjuice from Hobotatic, will be able to get the figures that they want.


  1. I onl read a tiny bit about that Matty day, but apparently it was crazy. lol I'm getting Roboto through my sub and have Zodac, but I honestly would have passed on Roboto because of the shoulders. I have to get him because of the sub though. *sigh* Oh well. I'll just have to buy another Roboto when he's re-issued. Hopefull get gets the extra hand come off too.

  2. The reissue won't have the extra hands as has been confirmed by TG on one of those Ask Mattys.

  3. Awww. Boo! :( That's totally bogus. Just another way to get us to buy yet ANOTHER Roboto. I guess I will wait until he has two removeable hands to buy a second one. I'm not going to buy three Robotos that are essentially the same. I draw my line there! lol

  4. That's a battle I'm not going to fight. Roboto isn't a crucial character for me, and since he has got a millennium refresh, I'm happy with what they have made so far. What I want them to focus on are characters which we've not seen since the 80s! Extendar being top of my list, but I'd like Dragstor, Catra, Quakke and the like.


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