Monday, 18 October 2010

#291 of 365 Ben 10 Kevin 11

Series 1 also had quite a few non-Ben characthers, including this Monster, Kevin E. Levin.  Welcome to the second week of the Ben 10 fortnight of Monster October her on Toy a Day!

Kevin is from Series 1 and so fits on the Series 1 card.  For a change, Ben's mug does not adorn the lenticular card, but otherwise, the packaging is still the same as the other Series 1 figures

Kevin is the first figure that comes with a whole lot of accessories.  The figure itself is drab, but that's how Kevin looks in the cartoon.  There is no sloppiness with the paintwork on the figure, and the sculpt even has a nice necklace collar on the figure.  There are the 5 standard points of articulations, and two hidden ones on the calves to make a total of seven points of articulation.

Kevin comes with three pieces that enables him to transform into a Heatblast type of figure.  The transformation is not complete, but it is a good representation of the transformation as shown in Kevin's debut episode of the cartoon.  Bandai even included a small bangle piece for his left arm, which is a nice touch.  The paintwork on the accessories could be better, but there's nothing obviously glaring and off though.

Kevin is a nice addition to the line, and thanks to his heatblast accessories, he can stand out on the shelf as well.


  1. Another one of those toys that would look great on display but probably don't play well

  2. He's not too bad to be played with. The heatblast stuff isn't too tight and drop off during play fast though, but that's just to represent his power, which apparently doesn't last too long or something.


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