Thursday, 21 October 2010

#294 of 365 Ben 10 Vilgax

Finally, we move to Series 2 of Ben 10.  I've only one figure from this series, which had figures made from coloured transparent plastic and I'm opening him today as part of Ben 10 fortnight, which in turn forms part of Toy A Day's Monster October.  But you probably know that already.

Vilgax comes on the Second Series card.  Gone are the huge lenticular cards or the viewmaster reels from the first series.  However the two stickers on the bubble is still present.  Ben's image is moved from the title card to the top left of the card itself, and for a change, the title card has a silhouette of the character.  That's an improvement.

The back of the card has details about how the main decoder accessory is to be used, but it's not toy specific.  The other figures in the wave are shown near the bottom of the back of the card.

The front of the card behind the bubble is a lot more colourful.  The silhouettes of the aliens are gone and have been replaced with the ball and stick design and a sheet of flame.  The decoder accessory actually also doubles as the figure stand.  The card has some info about the character on the back, and the front forms a nice backdrop to the stand.

The thing about the stand is that the card is way too small and gets obstructed by the figure when its standing on the stand.  Epic fail.  The figure itself has arms sculpted from clear transparent plastic.  The head and tentacled mouthpiece are also sculpted from clear plastic, but this time with a yellowish sheen.  The rest of the body has very little sculpted details and the paint is boring, but adequate.

Vilgax comes with shoulders, hips, knees and neck articulation.  The latter is not really an option due to the tentacles on his face.  He looks great from a distance, but is practically a brick in terms of play and on close-up.  This figure is a disappointment.


  1. Such a shame, the translucent plastic actually makes it look pretty cool

  2. Looks can be deceiving, but it's a line marketed at little kids so I'm not the target audience.


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