Sunday, 10 October 2010

#283 of 365 Swamp Thing Skinman

If this was a guest review on Hobotastic, I'd mention something about Lemonjuice's skin and it's unwashed qualities, but well, that's there and not here.  Welcome to Swamp Thing week as part of Monster October here on Toy a Day and today, it's the turn of the kinkily-named Evil Un-men Skinman!

The card is the usual card, but the way that Skinman is packaged is interesting.  Thanks to his skinny physique, the bat mask actually takes up more space in the bubble and on a quick glance appears to be the main toy of the packaging.  But alas, it's not so.  It's not everyday that the accessory is given more prominance than the actual figure itself.

There are the usual three pieces out fo the package - the figure, his mask and a hand held item.  The figure has the same five points of articulation as the other figures.  The sculpting is similar to the other figures, but where the other figures had the details hidden because of the poor choice of plastics, this figure has a lighter shade of greyish-blue and the details show up a lot more.  The paintwork is not great, but it does accentuate the sculpting.  The figure has gitd eyes, just like the other Un-Man figures of the line.

There is nothing special about the pick, which can be held in the figure's hands, but the bat mask is anything but unremarkable.  I've yet to mention that the masks can't stand on their own, and this is no exception.   A stand for the masks would also have been great.  Like the other masks in the line, this one is made from translucent rubbery plastic, with the mouth painted on and the eyes painted with gitd paint.  The sculptwork on the mask is fantastic - the veiny texture of the wings is easily visible.

And there's a group shot.  Notice how the masks almost transforms the figures into an almost different figure with the addition of the mask.  Also, despite the fact that each figure is different, the style of the sculpting more than anything else ties each of the figures together into the line.  And thus concludes Swamp Thing week.


  1. Your site works as a memory-jogger for toys I had in my I forgot this guy existed until seeing the review. He's like an albino war orphan that grew up in a sunless cave...or something. :)

  2. You need to get more sun yourself LJ, you might be accused of being his twin one of these days.

  3. @Nov: LOL! You're ruthless, dude.

    I must say this was one of my favorite theme weeks on Toy A Day. Those Swamp Thing toys were the bee's-knees! ;)

  4. Well, poor LJ is getting pasty. I blame it on the good work he's doing for MTV geek.


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