Friday, 8 October 2010

Bandai's ThunderCats?

One of the comments I got from around the world when the announcement hit that Bandai was doing the Thundercats figures was surprise.  Well, Bandai has Ben10 going for it, but that's just a kids toy.  Can it remake the Thundercats line with today's technology?

Today I just saw this post of the new Ultraman Zero figure.  I think it gives a good preview of how the new Thundercats line will be.  Pictures below (after the More, if you're reading this from the main page).

Oh wow!  Ball joints on the ankles!  Double hinge elbows and knees.  And if it's Japanese plastics and QA, paint sloppiness and limbs and weapons being bent won't be an issue.  I can't wait to see what they do for the Thundercats.


  1. Most impressive...

    I hope Bandai doesn't leave "Adult Collectors" out of the fun. ThunderCats were freaking awesome!

  2. If the toys are being designed by Bandai Japan the they would be totally awesome; on the other hand, if Bandai America is the party involved, well...

  3. Let's hope it's Bandai Japan then.


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