Friday, 8 October 2010

#281 of 365 Swamp Thing Dr. Daemo

Howdy y'all.  It's Swamp Thing week here on Toy a Day, the first themed week of Monster October, and I'm excited today because finally, FINALLY, we have got to the monsters.  The monsters are the best part of this line, IMO and all, and I can't wait to open them.  Today's figure, the good (or bad) Dr. Daemo.

The packaging is as always for Swamp Thing, with the picture of the figure on the top right corner of the front of the card, above the bubble.  Or is it?  Right in between Swamp Thing's mien (which forms part of the logo) and the illustration of the figure on the top right is the "Evil Un-Men" logo.  That's another cool touch on the packaging.

There are three pieces out of the bubble - Dr. Daemo himself, a Swamp Thing voodoo doll and the insect mask thing.  There is nothing to wrting about the figure - it's mainly an unpainted figure, with the usual 5 points of articulation and there's some sculpting detail, but not much on it.  The part of the figure with the most work (sculpt work that is) is the face, and the toy is produced with the details rather nicely reproduced.  The paint that is used to highlight the eyes and teeth gitd, although they are such small pinpricks of faint light in the dark that they are almost invisible.

The Swamp Thing voodoo doll actually has more detail in the sculpt than the main figure, but it does not have any articulation or paint.  It hangs off Dr. Daemo's wrist rather limply, almost like a ladies' handbag.

The millipede mask thing is made of translucent rubbery plastic and is painted with gitd paint for the eyes and white paint for the fangs and mouth.  The sculpt is again excellent, but as there is no paint on the translucent material, it's not very visible.  The one complaint I have about the mask is that it doesn't sit too well on the figure - the internals of the mask pushes off the tophat of the figure and it comes off with a rather loud pop after a while.

Despite that little flaw - and it is fixable by rotating Daemo's head such that he looks over either of his shoulders - this toy is rather playable.  The addition of the mask transforms this from one figure into two figures, or three, if the mini-me handbag is also counted as a figure.


  1. I always wondered what exactly is he a doctor of...?

  2. Does it matter what he is a doctor of? Maybe he's a witch doctor?

  3. all UnMen got doctorates from Ivy League universities. which is a pun of the highest order

  4. That sounds COMPLETLY true, Nov. Deemo's a doctor of Music, the saxophone being his instrument of choice. He tore it up in the '80s.

  5. He's a doctor alright, a doctor of LOVE! Deemo hosted Love Connection from 1983 to 1984 as a stand in for the regular host when contract negotiations got rough. While he wasn't the most popular of hosts, he did manage to use his uncanny abilites and knowledge of the black arts to hook up quite a few couples... and then steal their first born children.


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