Saturday, 16 October 2010

#289 of 365 Ben 10 XLR8

Let's see, Ben 10 figure for Ben 10 fortnight.  Check.  Original 10?  Check.  Monster Alien for Monster October.  Check.  Welcome to Toy A day as I continue Ben 10 fortnight as half of Monster October.  Today's figure is the 1337 named XLR8.

XLR8 comes on the standard first series Ben 10 card, so there's nothing new there.  Unlike most of the other figures, he has a dynamic pose in the bubble, more so to ensure that his tail can fit inside the bubble.  My copy of the figure also has one of the stickers placed higher than usual such that it seems as if the figure is holding the sticker.

The two obvious accessories are there out of the package, and there's also another accessory.  The figure's tail, thighs, body and head is moulded from black plastic, and the limbs from blue plastic.  The paint is rather well done on the limbs, but is a bit sloppy on the tail.  There are 8 points of articulations - shoulders, hips, knees, tail and neck.  The figure could have been better with elbow articulation, but that's been omitted here.

The one accessory for the figure that actually fits on the figure is the mask.  It fits over the face rather well and gives the head a very streamlined look.  It sits on the face socket and doesn't fall off from the face due to the friction of the rubbery mask - a very good design.

This figure is about par with the rest of the other figures, but gains extra points for the face mask, which is true to the depiction of the character in the cartoons.  And that's all of my original 10.  Tomorrow, I start working through the rest of the characters with the same card as the first series and the original 10.


  1. He looks a little like a Na'vi that fell into a vat of tar!

  2. LOL, he doesn't gitd though, so no, not a Navi.


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