Tuesday, 12 October 2010

#285 of 365 Ben 10 Diamondhead

Whaddaya know, it's still Monster October here on Toy a Day and this week is part of Ben 10 Aliens Monster week.  Since this is the first week and all, I'm opening the first series of Ben 10 stuff that I have, from the first series of cartoons though, Ben 10's original 10 (although I only have 6 of them from the original 10).  And this is one of my favourite character - Diamondhead!

There's the busy carded version of the figure.  The figure is almost lost behind all the stickers and the accessories.  The card is pretty much the same as Fourarms' card yesterday.  The name of the character is on the title card, which is really just a piece of paper.  The one nice thing about the title is that the name of the character is a different colour depending on which character it is.

At first glance, the figure comes with no accessories, other than the pog and the viewmaster reel.  But first glances can be deceiving.  The lack of instructions is also no help here on this figure, but we'll get there later.  Like Fourarms, most of the figure is unpainted, but where there is paint, it is good, particularly around the eyes.  The figure could have been better had it be sculpted from transparent green plastic.  The only thing that is sculpted from transparent plastic though, is the omnitrix symbol. Articulation is normal - swivel hips and shoulders and neck, hinges for the knees and er... not the elbows.  That's a sucky point though, that the figure lacks elbow articulation.

There are some numbers painted on his butt, which is weird, but what's cool is that Bandai sculpted his back "blade" such that it is detachable, and it can be held in his hand.  Cool.

Green and red?  I've got a background to match.  The figure has that cartoony look, but really loses points because it's not sculpted from transparent plastic.  Oh well.


  1. I like the sculpt, it has attitude! A cartoony 'don't mess with me look' haha

  2. I wonder if he is supposed to have 2 crystals on his back though...


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