Sunday, 3 October 2010

#277 of 365 The Adventures of Batman and Robin Harley Quinn

OK, so we had the JLU Harley Quinn a few days ago.  How does it stack up with the Harley Quinn from the Adventures of Batman and Robin?  Find out below as I rip her up today as part of Super Screened September.  Wait, that's not right, it's already October!  Yeah, thanks to those pesky MotUC, I'm a little behind on SSS, so I thougth I'd finish up on what I have scheduled for September before going into October proper.

This HQ comes on a 90s Kenner card.  How do I know that?  Well, the all clear bubble, with the logo on the top left and an illustration on the top right of the card is pretty much standard Kenner fare in the 90s.  The back of the card has the action feature display near the top and the other figures in the line in the middle.  Again, all is standard for Kenner.

The illustration means that the card is differentiated from the other cards within the same line and thanks to Harley being red and black, she'd stand out a lot more than say black and grey Batman.  Oh and the Mr. Freeze in the line?  He sort of reminds me of a Mission Masters Mr. Freeze...

The figure itself isn't anything spectacular.  She has the usual five points of articulation on the hips, shoulders and neck.  The sculpt is interesting, with the "winged" boots, the pinafleur and the jester's hat all nicely sculpted.  The paintwork could be nicer especially with the white, but the tampographed designs on the leg is executed flawlessly.

Harley comes with two accessories, a fake gun going bang and a punching glove missile which can be fired.  Alas, both assessories would unbalance her so she has no chance of realistically holding them!

Comparison time?  She's actually not too bad, especially when placed next to her JLU version from 20 years later.  Yes, it's 20 years later, but the JLU version still has the same 5 points of articulation.  The sculpt for this Harley looks better though, but the paintwork is a lot better on the JLU Harley. I guess you win some, you lose some.


  1. She looks pretty decent until she's stood next to the JLU Harley, then its a no-contest!

    afasd = accessories for accessories' sake. Dumb! At least thats what I think the big punching glove gun is because there's no way she'd be able to hold it up

  2. Well, JLU Harley can't stand on her own though and that's after 20 years of toy technology!

  3. I remember when it was announced this Harley Quinn was coming out. I LOVED Harley (still do) and she was my MOST wanted BTAS figure. I searched all over and couldn't find her (scalpers), but I finally found one and almost had a panic attack. lol

    I think I actually prefer the original Harley Quinn figure to the JLU one. She's only 13 years old though. She was released in 1997. ;)


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