Friday, 29 October 2010

#302 of 365 Addams Family Morticia

Wow, I'm at #302.  Almost there!  I can't wait to get to the end of the year.  I pass over Morticia in Femme February because even then, I knew I wanted her and the rest of her family for Monster October.  Welcome to Toy a Day, and if you're reading this for the first time, I'm opening a toy for each day of the year, and I'm trying to do that in themed months.  This Halloween (extended) weekend, I've decided to open my collection of 4 Addams Family figures, and today's figure is Morticia.

Morticia is Gomez's wife, and she's a huge plant freak.  The card is similar to Gomez's but modified for Morticia.  Again her action feature is described on the front of the card, and there's a long long bio on the back.  Morticia is from the first series of 6 figures, with 3 more shown on the back of the card as "Coming Soon", presumably the seond wave.

There isn't much for this figure, just the figure herself and Thing.  The figure is moulded from black plastic and seems to be made of 3 pieces the two arms and the rest of the figure.  She is made from a few more than 3 pieces actually.  She only has 4 points of articulation - the two shoulders, the twist waist and a bendy joint at the hips.  Her action feature is that she can make plats shoot from her sleeves, but the plants are creepy and reminds me of armpit hair.  Eeewww.  The paintwork is good, and the tampographed cobwebs on her sleeves are well done.

The Thing that comes with her holds some wooden shoots, and fits in with her theme.  The accessory is moulded from brown plastic, with Thing painted in flesh.  It also stands rather well on its own.

Unlike her husband Gomez from yesterday, Morticia seems to be a letdown due to the lack of articulation (well, a lot less than usual) and accessories (only one).  The figure should also be a lot taller than Gomez.  The bright point is that at least her accessory is not a gnarish colour!


  1. Yay! Morticia. :) I didn't know she had that cobweb on her sleeve. lol She's one of my most wanted, but never found, figures when I was a child. I also didn't know she came with the Thing. That's an AWESOME accessory. :)

    Articulation question: You say she has 2 POA (arms at the shoulders). In close-up pictures of her it looks like she has waist-twist and a cut out pelvis so she has "sit down" action. Is this not the case?

    Anyway, I still like her. :)

  2. Wow, so she does. I had to twist it rather hard to get that to work. I was afraid I'd break her. I'll edit the review!

  3. Yay! More articulation for Morticia. :) I'm glad it works. Sometimes toy companies sculpt waist-twist but they glue the toys! WHY?! lol

    I had an action figure they did that with the one arm or leg. Made no sense. It was a McFarlane female from a video game. Onimusha or something?

    I was very mad. :(

  4. But you're always mad :) Just kidding. Maybe the glue is because of some toy safety thing? Who knows?

  5. She looks really goofy but i guess it fits the aesthetic of the line

  6. She looks better than the figures from Dick Tracey though, of which I'm glad.


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