Friday, 22 October 2010

#295 of 365 Ben 10 Jet Ray

It's almost the weekend, that means it's almost the end of the second week of the Ben 10 fortnight here on Toy a Day's Monster October.  And we quickly move into "Series 3" or what has been rebranded as Ben 10 Alien Force, with one of the most used alien of the series, Jet Ray.

Now, this isn't the first Jet Ray that I've opened this year, I opened a Lego Jet Ray as part of Animated August, but I'm still keen to get this as this is the first action figure of the character, or rather this particular alien.  The Alien Force series of cards is a mixture of the previous 2 series.  The image of Ben moves from the card to the title card and thus moves from the top left to the front of the bubble.  Where there was the lenticular pog in Series 1, the new Alien Force feature of the miniture "hologram" accessory can be found instead.  There's only one sticker on the front of the card instead of the two.

The back of the card is reminiscent of the Series 2 card in terms of layout, but the contents have been reversed, with the cross sell images on the top of the card and the action feature of the "hologram" which works with the watch accessory (not included) at the bottom.

The front of the card behind the bubble harkens back to the Series 1 card, with silhouettes of the aliens, but instead of an ugly greenish glow, there is a starburst which makes it a lot more appealing.  Out of the box, there is, besides the figure and the "hologram", a trading card of some sort and Jet Ray's detachable tail.

The "hologram" thing is rather useless without the watch,but it is nicely sculpted to resemble the character and is made from hard clear plastic so that when a light shines from below (i.e. the watch), the whole character glows.

The figure is relatively simple, and there isn't much details with the sculpt.  The colours are bright and where there is paint - e.g. on the torso with the black lightning and on the face, these have been exceptionally done, for a Ben 10 figure that is.  There is 7 points of articulations, knees, hips, shoulders and heads.  The elbows look articulated but they aren't, they arou only sculpted that way.  The tail plugs into a hole in the ass, and is not articulated either.

The lack of elbow articulation isn't too much of a hindrance.  Jet Ray's still poses rather well despite that lack of articulation.  The addition of the knee articulation is good as it allows the character to stand in a croutch, but straighten his legs when flying.  That's a nice touch.

I have to say this is the best of Ben's aliens that I've opened this fortnight, and there's only one more alien to go before the week is out, so he might keep his spot!


  1. He looks like Strongbad!

  2. Maybe he's based off Strongbad. I don't know...


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