Sunday, 17 October 2010

Time to start saving for January...

Toyguru posted this on the MattyCollector forums:

Oh, and while I have everyone on the line, a few updates:
Jan 18th:
Bow (2011 sub figure)
Shadow Beast (2011 sub quarterly beast/multipack)
Palace Guards (2010 item delated slightly)
Castle Grayskull stands (reissue)
Evil Lyn reissue

Feb 15:
Vikor (2011 sub figure)
Other reissues to be announced
(and ideally Preternia He-Man will ship with the map)

March 15:
King Hssss (sub figure)
Battle Armor Skeletor (sub quarterly variant)
Other reissues to be announced

April 15:
New Male Masters of the Universe member (to be announced soon)
Panthor (quarterly subscription beast)
Weapons Rak ($15.00) (not part of subscription)

So, Shadow Beasts and Palace Guards and Castle Grayskull stands, of which the latter 2 has to be purchased from matty on release day?  Aaaaaargh!  New info there (at least for me) are the release dates for Panthor and the Rack (why did they spell it as Rak?) in April.


  1. Well, we had the weapons Pak, with weapons Rak coming up next... one can only assume that weapons Tak is next :D

  2. Unless they are going by the Polish or Turkish alphabet, in which case the weapons Sak is up next.

  3. TG thinks they may move the Shadow Beast to February because fans are freaking out too many things are in January. lol

  4. Bow and the Shadow Beast are subscription figures anyways, so I've no worries there. The rest of us will be fighting for the Palace Guards and the Grayskull stands, both of which are "army builders".

  5. Yeah. I want 2 sets of Palace Guards. Grayskull stands...I'm okay on as I bought 1 set and don't use them. lol

  6. My main issues is that my figures like to jump off the shelves thanks to their weak ankle joints. He-Ro did that on Monday, and the crystal in the staff broke :( I'm not hording, but I'd like the stands to make sure I keep my figures from suiciding...


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