Friday, 15 October 2010

#288 of 365 Ben 10 Heatblast

It's Friday, and we're still on the first week of Ben 10 fortnight here on Toy a Day.  It's still Monster October and today, we look at a rather fiery alien monster which got reused not once but twice later on in the line (as Kevin and later as Alan).  Let's have a blast with Heatblast!  Phew, it's hot in here!

Heatblast comes on the standard first series Ben 10 card.  And if you haven't figured it out by now, everything is the same as the other figures.  However, because Heatblast is slimmer than the other figures, he's not too crowded out of his bubble by the rest of the "busy-ness" on the bubble, and that's a plus point.

Heatblast comes with the usual accessories, neither of which he can hold, so let's just move on to the figure himself.  This figure has a lot more articulation than is normal for a Ben 10 figure, including hinged elbows and knees and swivel shoulders, hips and head.  That's a huge big plus.

Despite red being the predominate colour, parts of the figure is moulded in yellow and painted red.  This continues to the back as well so the figure is very detailed both front and back.   The paintwork is sharp and good.  The use of the transparent plastic for the Omnitrix remains for the figure, but those holes in the back for the screws are just a bad design overall.

So, there's five of my original 10 aliens.  I don't have Ripjaws or Greymatter or Wildmutt or Upgrade.  Tomorrow will be the last of my original 10 - XLR8.


  1. Looks alright but I think using tranlucent plastic for the red parts would have been better, even if not entirely screen accurate

  2. That's the series 2 figure. You might still be able to get that in the stores where you are.


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